Our method

One session = [ interview + tests + functional diagnosis + treatment + advices ]

By a thorough interview and a full examination, we establish a therapeutic strategy, to apply specific care.


We collect information about the reason for the visit, symptoms, medical history and living environment.

Based on the information, we know which field has to be investigated.

Finally, we define the priorities in the care,  and/or if we have to refer the patient for medical exams like blood test or MRI.

Osteopathic test/diagnosis/treatment:

W test and define which part of the body has to receive treatment. Multiple tests will lead us to understand the symptom and the origin of the problem: the why of the why…

By using hands feeling, we search for a lack of mobility or flexibility in different parts of the body: joints, muscles, organs, skull… These mobility’s restrictions taint health status.

We select the type of manipulative technique we will use to be efficient.

Some patients don’t want “cracking” techniques, so we would use softer one.


By our test, we look for functional disorder in the jaw, feet, eyes and inner ear. These systems affect the whole posture and can lead to development of symptom like back pain or shoulder pain. If need, we refer the patient to dentist, podiatrist, ENT or ophthalmologist.


For some chronic problems, metabolic status is a part of the solution. Often, there is a link between digestive system’ status and back pain.


For some pain, past or present emotional conflict is a part of the problem. And the efficiency of the bodily treatment can be affected by it.

Biodynamic osteopathy:

The energetic approach of osteopathy. Extremely gentle, by using hands only (no needle), we reach deeper level of treatment. The goal is to clean meridians, stimulate energetic centers, realign energetic bodies.
We prefer this approach:
- for unresolved pain despite 2 or 3 regular treatments
- to consolidate regular treatment
- to work on old chronic and problem
- when patient's condition can't allow regular treatment

About Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a manual preventive and curative therapeutic approach. It seeks to determine and treat restriction of mobility that can affect all the structures composing the human body.


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