Daniel Fillit – physiotherapist / posturologist

Daniel Fillit obtained his state diploma of physiotherapist in 1980 from the school of Montpellier.

Since 1988 Daniel has specialized in posturology with related training at organizations such as:

  • The International Centre for Medical Education
  • The International Society Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • The Group for Research and Teaching in Manual Therapies

He has consulted in France, Istres in Provence until 2003, followed by Quebec until 2010.

Based in Tokyo last 5 years, he consults Paramédi-Tokyo Yoyogi center.

Services offered:

  • Postural assessments and treatments (see information on posturology)
  • Orthopractie, manual therapy
  • Sensorimotor rehabilitation
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Nutrition Tips

Daniel Fillit, physiotherapist posturologist in Tokyo

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