The osteopath seeks the root cause of a loss of mobility. She/He detects restriction of movement through fine palpation and the various tests of mobility and motility. Based on the information from the interview and manual tests, we define a protocol of treatment, what to treat and how to treat.
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Visceral Therapy

Visceral disfunction has been found to have a link with back pain and posture issues in more than 70% of patients, and include both direct or indirect delicate techniques, which is to go slowly into the dysfunction until the neutral point where there is no tension, from this point the alive tissue relax on its own, at the opposit direct like stretching.
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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle treatment using soft touch pressure on the skull and sacrum, working on the skull, plus inner membranes around central nerve system. It is a very relaxing technique with deep impact on the whole head and spine.
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I search with my hands for a lack of mobility or flexibility in different parts of the body: joints, muscles, organs and skull, as the level of mobility can affect your health
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Observation from a distance looking for disbalance, asymmetry, posture, skin pallor and redness. He/She also carefully observes active movements done by patient to detect any restriction of mobility.
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I collect information about the reason for the visit, symptoms, medical history and living environment.
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