Our Philosophy

We care for our patients individually as they all have unique bodies, history and symptoms. Our method of care is defined by patient\'s expectations and needs.

Bad experiences have an impact on the body. Physical and emotional Stress affect the flexibility of the tissues by creating some mobility retriction. Mobility restriction leads to symptoms and pain.

The lack of mobility/motion of physical structure (conjunctive tissue) in the body affects the local function. It affects fluids circulation and nerval exchanges, and it leads to symptoms and pain.

Our cells are naturally made to work for the benefit of our health. By giving what the body needs, we reach a better metabolic state, to express better function of regeneration.

Because of inter-dependence between each parts of the body, local dysfunction may produce global affects. A body in good function can express its natural ability of regeneration.

Our Treatment

focus on the body as a whole: bodily structure, metabolism, emotion, energy. Each point can affect the other one, we consider all of them in our functional diagnostic. Our role is to readjust them to its normal demand.


Way of Life

Our role is to listen to patients and if needed give advice so they can adjust their way of life. We may discuss everything from daily life, posture, nutrition, physical activity, to stretching etc...



Medical diagnostic reveals a disease in the body. Functional diagnostic reveals a functional disorder of the body, which can spur the development of disease.
We do respect medical diagnostic and complements it.

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