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Motor Sports

Ferrari Racing Therapist

Car crash recovery, whiplash, back pain, neck pain, muscle tightness, increase focus, manage fatigue. Physical training (for Professionals). On the field, at the clinic.

Sports & Ski, Snowboard

International athletes and amateur:s racing, ski/snowboard, soccer, surfing, rugby, running, triathlon, golf, tennis, martial arts... On the field or at the clinic.

Injury and chronic pain recovery, sprain, tendinitis, fracture, muscle soreness, concussion, whiplash, articular compression, plantar & heel, shoulder, knee, spine. Stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation, to oxygenate muscle.

Nervous system reset & tissular reprogramming: To remove bodily impact from physical & emotional trauma. To increase performance, balance & focus, regain self-confidence

Yoga, dance

Loss of flexibility, loss of focus, loss of balance, disturbance of breathing


Chronic pain, tendinitis. Improve Posture, Accuracy and Focus. Reducing stress. 


Treat lower back pain, neck pain, headache or just recover from a long flight

Office Workers

desk Posture: chronic shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, knee pain, frozen shoulder, headache, migraine, headache. Professional, personal & unknown stress, sleeping disorder, constipation, acid reflux.


Pregnancy: to prepare the birth, to reduce side effects of pregnancy, to rebalance pelvic, to adjust baby position, painful scar, back pain, periods pain, premenstrual pain, migraine, Fertility disorder


Injury, scoliosis, growth, medical issue, behavior disorder, loss of confidence

Medical Issue

Neurological, hormonal, immune system disbalance, Help to manage heavy medical treatment, post-surgery pain

Johan Törnqvist
Johan Törnqvist
08:34 11 Jan 20
David is a magician! Very professional, calm and overall a great therapist. He easily identify your issues, knows how... to avoid them in the future and heals them with ease. Easy access and a very cozy and comfortable working room. Highly recommend for any issue!read more
Enrico Pavese
Enrico Pavese
05:44 01 Jan 20
In Hokkaido for our honeymoon, first day, before starting skiing in Niseko Grand Hirafu I suffered a strong lumbago.... Two sections with the super prepared David and after four days I’m able to ski in deep pow in Asahidake without any pain!!!Thank you David! You saved our honeymoon!read more
Sujay Parakkel
Sujay Parakkel
01:32 02 Dec 19
Highly recommend David!I felt a major difference how I walked before and after treatment.The location is slightly... difficult to find but trust google maps to the red house.read more
Laurent Perraudin
Laurent Perraudin
13:55 17 Nov 19
Visited for long standing neck pain, fixed in two sessions and got valuable life long advice! Thanks David! Hoping no... to have to visit again soon, but feeling much safer knowing the option is available.read more
melonie maeda
melonie maeda
13:09 12 Nov 19
I can't really explain the details of what David does but it is amazing. He is thoughtful to take a full review of any... issues I may be having and with such relaxation at first and gentle adjustments to where I felt pain. Just the next day I felt completely different and lighter. Very happyread more
R.B. Bailey Jr
R.B. Bailey Jr
04:41 22 Jul 19
My first visit today...excellent service, consultation and advice! Please reserve in advance.
Joshua Alliance
Joshua Alliance
01:20 03 May 19
I rarely write reviews but in this case it would be a crime not to. I’ve been to top osteopaths in the UK and David... surpasses them all. I Highly highly recommend him, he’s a true magician. I came to Japan on my honeymoon and on my first day my back went into spasm and I was completely bed ridden. In one session not only did David fix my back he also sorted out my digestion and several other issues I didn’t even know I had. If you’re reading this, thank you!!read more
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After a big skateboarding fall, I got so much pain in my back for a week, which affected my sleep. I saw a medical doctor, he could not help me more than prescribing painkillers. I went to David, and he fixed it in 2 treatments.

Really helpful, thanks.



Highly recommended!!!! so much improvements (posture) in such a short time; amazing !!!!! the energetic approach for me worked really wonderfully:)) Thank You David !


I started to be David's patient 3 years ago when it became urgent for me to change my way of life: high cholesterol rate, low physical activity, ... David proposed to me an holistic approach : dietetics, osteopathic treatment...In 9 months, my cholesterol rate was normal, I had lost 20 kgs and was feeling so good being able to exercise!



I had chronic lower back pain, sometimes improving but always there for at least 15 years until first visiting David Brisson 5 years ago, now days while a slight memory of the pain is there, it serves as no more than a warning of those things which I should not attempt.
David was very careful to understand the probably causes of the problem, how long it had been there, what I had done to correct it, and surprisingly to understand both my medical history and lifestyle.


While in Tokyo, I had a back pain, after suffering for weeks, I went to David's clinic. He treated me very well and after just few sessions, those pains disappear.
I recommend his treatment when you have back pain or other kind of pain.
He is a very warm-hearted person, friendly and professional.


New Zealand

I fell snowboarding and was in some pain and had a persistent headache. David was fantastic - after only a couple of sessions, I'm feeling much better and am back on my board.

A session is

A thorough interview about injury, medical history, stress, occupation, daily life habits. Then, we test the whole body: joints, muscles, organs, skull, posture... Ask us about your condition

Then, we apply an individual treatment depending on our diagnosis and the personality of patient. Our techniques can be direct manipulation like "cracking", stretch, or very gentle like massage, facia, craniosacral or biodynamic. From a full body chiropractic adjustment to a very soft and gentle treatment, You + me define the treatment. Share your worry

Finally, we propose advices or exercises to emphasize the treatment and to avoid symptoms coming back.

The number of session depends on the individual, most of the time, it takes 1 to 3 sessions for clear improvement.

       I received my "DO" licence in France, where it takes 5 years, including 3 years of clinical training, and follows the World Health Organization requirements. I am member of the France America osteopathy society SOFA

Osteopathic Method


The osteopath seeks the root cause of a loss of mobility. She/He detects restriction of movement through fine palpation and the various tests of mobility and motility. Based on the information from the interview and manual tests, we define a protocol of treatment, what to treat and how to treat.

Visceral Therapy

Visceral disfunction has been found to have a link with back pain and posture issues in more than 70% of patients, and include both direct or indirect delicate techniques, which is to go slowly into the dysfunction until the neutral point where there is no tension, from this point the alive tissue relax on its own, at the opposit direct like stretching.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle treatment using soft touch pressure on the skull and sacrum, working on the skull, plus inner membranes around central nerve system. It is a very relaxing technique with deep impact on the whole head and spine.


I search with my hands for a lack of mobility or flexibility in different parts of the body: joints, muscles, organs and skull, as the level of mobility can affect your health


Observation from a distance looking for disbalance, asymmetry, posture, skin pallor and redness. He/She also carefully observes active movements done by patient to detect any restriction of mobility.


I collect information about the reason for the visit, symptoms, medical history and living environment.

"An osteopath is only a human engineer, who should understand all the laws governing his engine and thereby master disease."

Dr Andrew Taylor Still

"Chiropracting is branch on the tree of Osteopathy, the problem is Chiropracters took with them on this branch, only one of the many tools utilised by the Osteopathe, ...manipulation."


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