David Brisson D.O. Osteopath Tokyo

- 2010~ Clinician Osteopath  in Tokyo

Spine, muscle, joints, fascia, visceral, cranio-sacral, bio-dynamic.

- 2014~ TokyoParaMedi Co-founder

International alternative medicine center in Tokyo.

- 2017~ FERRARI Team Asia Pacific

Mental, physical preparation and recovery of drivers.

- 2017~ International Rugby team

Physical preparation and recovery.

- 2017~ Clinician Osteopath  in Niseko ski resort 

I was born in 1984, in Nantes France. I received my D.O. at IdHEO \"The Institute of High Studies of Osteopathy., a university of the highest standing in France, where this degree course takes 5 years, including 3 years of clinical training. My degree is recognized by France Ministry of Health, the European Parliament and follows the World Health Organization requirements.

I have studied medical fundamentals, differential diagnosis, osteopathic diagnosis and manipulative treatment to provide safe, personalized care.

During my 3 years of clinical training I felt something was missing in the purely clinical approach and as a result I embarked on a further 3 years of training focusing on alternative to treatment approaches.

After these 8 years of formal study, I have continued to develop my own understanding of health, and well being and my own original method in continuously evolving by observation of treatment and effectiveness, as well as keeping up to date with the latest scientific discoveries especially on the complex interaction of nutrition and well being.

About me and Japan

I came to Japan in 2010, enrolled in a Japanese language school, 9 months prior to the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.  The immense tragedy of this even compelled me to spend some time, helping as I could in the Touhoku region. The huge range of emotions and shock caused by this event combined with the very positive experiences of japan in the aftermath has created a connection between me and Japan and I hope I can continue to contribute in a small way to this country I have come to admire.

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