Osteopathy is an art, a philosophy, which enriches our vision of health, of the world and of ourselves. Trained in France, following an eclectic journey, my individual oddyssey defines my practice.


David Brisson DO Osteopath


Osteopathy diploma DO from IdHEO Nantes, France

Franco-American Osteopathic Society

Study & Research Group on the Biodynamic Osteopathic Model

Ferrari Racing APAC therapist 

Osteopath for Japan Schools


Born in 1984, France

Speak French, English, Japanese

Passionate by Psychology

Backcountry Snowboard Addict

Yoga Practitioner

About Me


I was born in 1984 in the wonderful city of Nantes, France where I studied. I came to Japan in 2010 to develop my osteopathy and have new experiences.

I trained in nutrition and then experienced all kind of "diet" to confirm health benefits.

I spent years in intense military and MMA inspired physical training, working endurance and power with body weight. A big thanks to my coach "Padrino" who made me discover another side of myself.

Today, thanks to my great instructor Kim, I turned to Ashtanga Yoga, and light workout. I still continue to snowboard in Niseko and Hakuba.

I developed a passion for psychology, with a wish to know more myself. That made me studying Esoteric Psychology for years. It's an intense non academic approach of psychology. I have to assume that it is certainly the most challenging thing I have done in my life.

I discovered the WimHof method which consists of breathing exercises and exposing the body to cold. Don't think, just do it !
A tool giving incredible effects !

I went back to origins of osteopathy, here that it all began. I enrolled biodynamic osteopathy training. This is the energetic approach of Osteopathy, the evolution of craniosacral therapy. For me, this is the fascinating side of our job where we can feel and live the universal law of health in action.

I practice meditation daily to maintain my therapeutic abilities and my well-being.

In 2015, I co-created TokyoParaMedi.

In 2017, I became osteopath for FERRARI Racing. The same year, I developed my practice at Niseko ski resort.

In 2021, I finally started HM2C which synthesises my own approach of osteopathy and manipulative treatment.

In 2022, I started to work for schools in Aichi and Hokkaido, as an osteopath for children and teenagers.

David Brisson Osteopath DO Tokyo, Niseko

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