The osteopath seeks the root cause of a loss of mobility.

She/He detects restriction of movement through fine palpation and the various tests of mobility and motility. Based on the information from the interview and manual tests, we define a protocol of treatment, what to treat and how to treat.

Visceral Therapy

Visceral treatment was designed by the French Osteopath, Jean-Pierre Barral who was awarded one of six best researchers for Alternative Medicine in the millennium, by TIME Magazine. Visceral disfunction has been found to have a link with back pain and posture issues in more than 70% of patients.

Barral’s techniques are now in the basic training of osteopathy in Europe and include both direct or indirect delicate techniques, which is to go slowly into the dysfunction until the neutral point where there is no tension, from this point the alive tissue relax on its own, at the opposite direct like stretching.


I test and define which part of the body has to recieve treatement. My multiple tests will lead me to understand the origin of the problem: the why of the why…

By using my hands, I search for a lack of mobility or flexibility in different parts of the body: joints, muscles, organs, skull… These mobility’s restrictions taint health status.

I select the type of manipulative technique I will use to be efficient.

Some patients don’t want “cracking” techniques, so I would use softer one


I collect information about the reason for the visit, symptoms, medical history and living environment.

Based on the information, I know which field has to be investigated: physical body, posture, energetic, nutrition, emotional.

Finally, I define the priorities in the care, and/or if I have to refer the patient for medical exams like blood test or MRI.

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